Staff & Volunteers

The Executive Director and Founder of Together We Own It and currently a substitute teacher for Carroll County Public Schools, Katie places an emphasis on driving change for underserved youth. Katie is a Carroll County native and has a strong commitment to her community.

Executive Director

Katie Kirby


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Assistant Coordinator

Ingrid Jimenez

As the Executive Director of inPOWER Inc., Angel provides professional development in youth development, Restorative Practices and data compliance.  She earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Sociology and completed the Masters of Experimental Psychology program at Towson University.

Program Coordinator

Angel Hill

"When my children were young a neighbor stepped up with love in her heart and made sure my children had what they needed. That was 1983. Everything I give back is in her honor.  It is all of our jobs to make sure children are loved and protected. "

Community Outreach

Sondra Groft

"My favorite time being here was when we went to Hershey Park. The youth raised the money for the trip and seeing them enjoy themselves after putting in hard work was really nice. The youth are very enjoyable to be around and it is a great experience."


Sydney Leahy

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Anna Theisen


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Peer Mentor

Isaiah Williams

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Heather Jenkins

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Dave Becker


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Celia Bronson

Past Volunteers

Phoebe Cleaver
Ryan Burkman
Rachael Strasburger
Emily Ruffa
Kasey Turner
Katie Wike
Rachel Mansir
Lawrence Smith
Tanaisia Jow
Kerly Martinez
Jessica Cohen
Kyle Brosenne
Lara Scialdo
Riley O'Hara
T'ana Williams
Nathan Miller
Guiliana Rossi
Kalyn Duley
Joe Aukward
Eugene Bosworth
Megan Kelly
Brenda Whitney
Taylor Burrell
Julie McNeil
Jada Austell

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Colleen Newman

Rise Up Community Center

Rise Up is a community center serving youth ages 12 to 18 and their families in Carroll County, Maryland.


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